In Order of Introduction within Book aka #Pitchography





A little #Secret, it is hard to write these chapters

about your favorite bands, because you

catch yourself #RTFØ #RockingTheFuckØut because,

you are taking a #PresentFlashBackOfAwesomeness

on the bands that ultimately have changed

your life and perspectives on how to live it

and make a change not only yourself,

but the whole entire fucking world.

Isn't that everyone's dream? Thats mine.



Its fucking funny how life happens and where it takes you ... the opportunities that arise once, destiny only takes you so far, and then karma and then you, you have to do the rest.

Sometimes it is lucky and it is something that was almost fate.

My friend Andrew. Is an excellent #MusicianSlashArtist, that I met at a call center job in Utah. He has fucking luckily tracked #OurLastNight. He then showed me

Mind you this less than 24hrs that I saw it posted on #Facebook.

However, it was published 3 days ago, and they just released #SelenaGomezTheHeartWantsWhatItWantsCover on #Youtube and #iTunes.

It is #FebruaryEighteenthTwentyFifteen #EightFiftyFivePM #OremUtah. And thats how I am going to start off this chapter.



Whoa, ok, I just had some fucking crazy white noise shit happen in my headphones on the lyric, #IveNeverFeltThisWayBefore. Have you ever felt like you were so destined to do something? Yes, I have mentioned before, and that was #DamnFuckingTrippy #Goosebumps #EveryNoiseIsFreakingMeOutAsIAmAlone #JustLookedAtTheClock911PM #NOFUCKINGJOKE.

Yeah, so I am going to take a lil break, I have no idea what just happened but it freaked me the fuck out. I don't like #WhiteNoise #IDontThinkAnyoneDoes.

This opening lyric presents itself with one question in my head, and it is this …

Do you believe in #Destiny #Fate #ForeOrdained? Whatever the case may be, I don't only #Believe I feel like #iKnow, and how #iKnow is because I have #Felt it, #LiquideAir is supposed to happen.

With Our Last Night, they are one of the few bands that I have only recently been introduced to, but damn, they have already changed my life and have #Presented themselves in a way that is very #Unique, and almost too good to be true #IllNeverCloseMyEyes.



I've been fighting the same old war,

Against a disease without a cure

Been holding on for so long

For so long, for so long

I've been wishing upon a star, if my universe falls apart

I feel so far from the sky, as my dreams are flooding by

And they say it's a battle that can't be won

We need our knives, we need our guns



I feel like I could start out any of these chapters of #TopTen anywhere, with any story pertaining to my life and their #Influence on it. However, with #OurLastNight, right now and this particular chapter it, #UnderratedBands, it feels easier. Probably, due to the fact that it is fresh in my head, and that I love music so much, but its not even that. Its more of the fact that they have accomplished something that I have wanted to do myself #ButNotReallyButReally, which is #Covers of songs that are #BadFuckingAss.

It would encompass, #BreakDowns #ChangeUps #PickUps #DoubleBass #Syncopation #Screaming #Harmony #WhateverTheFuckYouWantAsLongAsItMarriesWellTogether, even then it would not have to, #TheListCouldGoOnAndOn

The thing that sucks is trying to narrow down these #Covers to just one. How the fuck do I do that? I have always told anyone that I get into a #DecentDeepConversation about music. That I remember every band I have seen that did a #CoverSong, well let me rephrase that, a #GoodCover that I have seen live or heard. I have always wanted to start a #CoverBand.

As weird, and unrelated as this sounds, and is, my first cover that I remember hearing was when I had just turned #Eleven, and it was #MariahCareys amazing song, that I would sing on my bed, and serenade whoever happened to hear it out my window or look in as I was singing to the mirror. Or so, I thought.

I actually remember listening to an early cover #BoyzIIMen #ItsSoHardToSayGoodbyeToYesterday by #GCCameron, at an early age of #EightNine-ish

I showed my sister Analee, and she just shook her head and was like, “Devin, this is not her song, this song is by a better band called #Journey.” From there, it was life changing. #Queen #PinkFloyd #LedZeppelin were soon followed and my #ChildhoodMusicObessionBeganToExplode. Which, then #Evølved into something that I never thought would be possible. #FuckManLife :)

It really is a #Gift how, I can recognize a pretty good amount of songs within seconds of the intro. Just for instance, at work recently #FebruaryFridayThe13thTwentyFifteen, on the other side of the room I heard #Silversteins cover of #RunawayByKayneWest. I went up to #PDISWoody and was like is that #Silverstein? He was like yah dude, how did you hear that?!

Now see something that I have wanted to market and #PopGoes... has done a phenomenal job at their #Discography's

The marketing that I had in mind for this type of cover is #Flawless like the sound of #OurLastNight.

Yes, there are some covers I wish they would have screamed at least a tiny bit more, fuck the bitches on the radio and airplay, we need to evolve this shit to main stream and it is fucking coming back, I know that for sure. The younger generation is getting it and my generation has already been exposed to it but #EDM is taking over and other bands are starting to figure out how to #Collaborate that shit together and make something that no one even dreamed possible. #MusicItsFuckingBeautiful.

So, as I have narrowed it down to one of my favorite covers by them, its actually #AllOfThem. However, for the sake of doing it, it is #DarkHorse by #KatyPerry. All I have to let you know is that the beginning of this song starts off the party. I have no idea what the fuck he says, its sounds like #Betrayed or #LetsRave, but in my head I hear #LetsRain. Probably due to the #SuspensefulExplosiveIntro and my love for #Rain. It just, makes you wanna punch someone right in the face, or atleast throw down in a #MoshPit, maybe break some glass. Thats always a blast.

This song takes both of my favorite loves. #KatyPerry and #OurLastNight. Its just put together so fucking well its #Dangerous. #TheresNoGoingBack! Pretty much what they had to do. #IMO they have done a great success with these covers, while putting that #OLNTweakTouch to it. #OLNIsSoDopeIMessedAroundAndGotAddicted << #TrademarkForATee :)

First off, these lyrics are fucking phenomenal by #LouisaRoseAllen #Foxes. Even though you have to understand what is happening her head, or what she is wanting to portray. The crazy love affair is self explanatory... in a sense, however, I take it one step further and ask What is the pain behind how #Insane this relationship was and why each person kept on going back? Was it the sex? Was it because they were both #BadAsses or did someone, somewhere break their fucking heart. I am going with the latter.

For me, in this cover. That ending #OutroBreakdown at around #TwoFifty. Fuck. It puts everything into perspective. Thats why I put breakdowns and screaming in songs at certain points in my head. It makes it more real, and they totally made that come out! You can feel the emotion even more with just that 3 seconds scream and heart wrenching breakdown.





And that #YYYEAAHH! So perfect. I love it. #FuckingFanBoying

#ThatsHowArtistsAreSupposedToMakeCovers #ChangeYourWholeMusicalPerspective












Going into this particular concert, I knew that this would be one of my last ones for quite some time, as I would be starting my new job as a #HeadPrepChef at the #RitzCarltonBachelorGulch. I was so pumped for this show. My first time seeing #SleepingWithSirens & #OurLastNight! Plus two fucking amazing bands, that I had already seen and loved. #Issues & #BreatheCarolina.

Talk about a great #FuckingTøur! I was ecstatic, and ready to have a blast. The only shitty thing was that it was about #TwoPointFiveHours away from me, plus I was going #Aløne. Nothing too big, I have been to many shows alone. #InTheLoveOfMusic #HavingAGreatTime #MeetingNewPeople. I had not been back to the #Filmore since, I think the #BeastieBoys #AugustSeventeenthTwoThousandSeven.

Speaking of that, I went and got a #GooseRedBull and was walking around and looking at the pictures of all the amazing bands that have been at #FillmoreAuditoriumDenverColorado. Looking to see if any of them I had attended in my time when I was living in Colorado previously. I began talking to this gentleman who dropped off his #TeenyBopperDaughters, and as he began to talk to me I found a picture of a group of artists I saw before, which was none other than the #BeastieBoys.

The gentleman then began to tell me that he had been to a good amount of bands from old skool #GreenDay to #Sublime at the #Fillmore, he also was setting up a #RecordingStudio in his basement for his sons band. Who, consequently just won a contest through a radio station or something. It was a good talk. Its interesting hearing peoples stories and just their life.

Anwyays, it was time for one of the two bands I needed to see.

***Find Signed CD Pic ***











It was good hearing a mix of songs from them.

Not a lot of people knew who they were, and I was one of the only ones rocking out.

A lil #Faded and having a great time

in my #80sFedoraCheckeredBadAssVansTieOuttie

#PeopleStareNothingNew #HottiesGetCloser :)


However, I was pretty sad that they did not play any of their awesome covers! I mean Fuck, I wanted to hear at least #Skyfall, maybe they had some

#CopyrightRegulation they had to overcome. Either way, I was still excited I was able to see them, as well as meet them, but that will come a little later.

#Issues was up next, and there was a little more #Møvement, but not nearly enough as they deserved. Im not sure if it was just the crowd. Maybe everyone was #FuckingLit to their #Dome being blasted. Shit, I dunno, but I was disappointed. #TylerCarter & #MichaelBohn both tried to get the crowd started, and I wish I could have stirred some shit up, but I didn't want to be #ThatGuy. People started moving a little bit on #Diamonds and more on #KingOfAmarillo.

#BreatheCarolina was up next and being a #ElectroPopHardcoreBand in their hometown of #Colorado helped, but even more than that. Every time, I have seen them, they have put on such a fucking crazy show. The one thing I remember was when they came out I saw #DavidSchmitt and then I was looking for #KyleEven #UncleanVocalist, little did I know that he was out of the band, at that point. That was sort of sad. #YouFallIn&OutOfFollowingBands

They for sure got the whole fucking crowd #Jumping #Going #Raging #Moshing #FuckingEnjoyingLife

Of course they played #ChasingHearts feat. #TylerCarter. It only makes sense, being on the same tour. #NoCoincidence #BaDuh.

This tour is probably one of favorites that I have been to in awhile. It encompassed all of these new and old bands that I have enjoyed for years. Like, I said, I had never seen #SleepingWithSirens. Lets, just say that I love #Kellins lyrics. #IfYouCan'tHang is my all time favorite. It explains just his relationship and love. How he went through many types of girls, as so have I. I have learned something from every relationship.


Both #Good #Bad #Ugly #Happy #Phenomenal #Surreal #Sluts #Smart #Innocent #DropDeadGorgeous, all and all, I've had one relationship that everything was equal and #SheLøved me more than I could have ever imagined at that time. I have yet to find that again, and I believe I will someday, and if not, well fuck thats a different story. #LifeInDatingWorldIsMosDefHarder

I am surprised I could not track down a #SetList for this particular tour. I mean fuck its #SleepingWithSirens in #DenverColorado. They played everything I wanted to hear, and even yes I became a little sad, as the set was ending, and #IfYouCantHang had not been played! Fucking Bullshit! I even posted on their #FacebookEvent page and, asked them to play that one.

You know you have that feeling that, the band is only for you. That they read and care about everything you do or say. Some do, some don't. I felt like I was #Betrayed, even though, I have no fucking grounds to feel like they owe me anything. Its just a weird syndrome somebody should research.

Anyways, it was a phenomenal set. They said their goodbyes. #ThankyouDenverColoradoThisSongIsForOurLongTimeFansItsCalledIfYouCantHang! #iJizzedInMyPants is that what the cool kids say now? I didn't know how to contain myself! I was #FanBoying as usually. I then ran to go see #OLN for a #ChitChatAndGrabAnAutograph


Below are some #FacebookPosts of this #PhenomenalUnderratedBand #OurLastNight. Everyone, needs to go check them out. One of the many things that stands out and why I chose this band out of other bands are their #Lyrics #Sound and mainly their #Demeanor. When you meet someone and understand them without even exchanging anything but just praise and then in return their response, you can learn a lot.

When I look at #UnderratedBands, I look for the #Charity they do, and it does not have to be public, but it can be researched, and concluded from other factors.

The general idea that I understand lyrically is, they just want the best for everyone, and are wanting to change the world through their music, and their story. Yes, other bands do that too, but if you really #FuckingListen and take heed what they are conveying, it is something to #TakeToHeart.

Something different. Its something that you can feel.

I loved how they made the song #Sunrise for #TheBullyProject. I was bullied, as I mentioned a little bit before #MyHealthChapter. They did such a Damn good job, I had NO IDEA that it was meant for that when I first heard it, and they took me back to that dark place, but then gave me hope. That's how bad ass and technical this band is.






One last shout out. So, I #Skyfall. Lets just think for a minute how much more #BadAss #007SkyfallIntro would have been with their version? I would have once again #JizzedInMyPants. I mean it was already amazing with #Adele, but damn this would have made it #Surreal.


Below are some #FacebookPosts

and #ScreenGrabs of #OLN.