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#LouderNow #iTunesBonusSlashBSides

#Brooklyn(If You See Something, Say Something)



Haha I remember how I reacted to this music video. I was in #Awe. This particular song and the awesome #Effects of blowing things up while #Skaters are doing tricks on them. What the fuck is there not to like?


I remember listening to this song and being blown away by the sound, and lyrics in general. I have always loved #Bonus #BSides more than some songs that made the final cut for the album. Maybe, thats why it is that way for marketing purposes. I love the play on words for the chorus. Each person has their own #Interpretations to every aspect of music, which is what makes it so #Beautiful.



#Secret-ishFreeShow #OctoberNinethTwoThousandThree

#KansasCityMissouri #BeaumontClub


What had happened with this concert is an #ESS #EpicSurrealStory in itself. I have a lot #IMO.

Our radio #DeeJay #Lazlo #LOVED LOVED #TakingBackSunday. As everyone should. Being a popular deejay though, you have a little more #Power #Persuasive #Promoting #Fanboying of what can go on in your state sort of speak music wise. Well, #yadayada they were scheduled, and they fucking cancelled. #Lazlo was mmmooorrreee than pissed! So, he called them out and well they redeemed themselves with a #FuckingFreeShow!

Since, I had heard this and my friend, Brenton. It was non-stop listening to the radio. Yes, #Millennials we did have the internet, but it was not nearly advanced and used for the #MarketingStaple it is now. You were Dependant on #WordOfMouth #Radio #RecordStores #Magazines then the #Internet / (#EmailSubscriptions, I can't tell you how many #Artists and #StreetTeams I had on there lol) , usually done in that order for me, as an avid #FuckingFanboyOfMusic

Well it was cold, they decided to come back in Fucking #October, and on top of that it was #Raining. Luckily, #MissourisRain is slightly warm, nope it was Fucking #October pay attention. We hear maybe one week before, that it is #ForRealzHappening.

The story I remember was this. It was #FuckingTorrentialDownPour not really, but it sure felt like it. Venue was, #BeaumontClub #KansasCityMissouri. This was a #FirstComeFirstServe and a venue only holds so many people by #FireCode. Did I mention it was free? The previous concert was, already set to be #SoldOut, but #RealityCheck #BeyondOverbooked. #Texting had not become a huge item because, you were #Throttled to like #250MessagesAMonth or you would pay up to #TwentyFiveToThirtyFiveCents #PerMessage #PriceOfAPhoneCallFiveYearsAgo!

Yeah, #FuckingUnreal if you think about it now. #MobileCarriersBankBankBankin #ForeverBankin. So, we #Called each other and talked. #MindBlownIKnow. lol

I get dropped off as #BrentonDrove. We had #Friends that were already standing in line and yeah we somewhat #LineJumped #OkayWeDid #NotCoolByTheWay but #IDGAF, I felt like I already had a ticket, because I did for the previous show. It was only like #TwelvePeople but then it turned into more because #PeopleWereLineJumpinLikeUs #KarmasABitch.

The girls we met up with luckily were prepared with an #UmbrellaEllaEllaAAA #ATLVersion.

#PuddlesEverywhere. It starts to slightly flood on the sidewalk entrance #HalfAnInch and some of the staff are getting buckets and squeegees. Then Kids that #DGAF were playing in the puddles and doing #WaterAngels, Im pretty sure they were high on life, I was, but I didn't want to go in as if I was just in a fucking pool. Oh shit, are they letting people in? #ItsHereItsHappening

People kept going in, they did eventually get security, because of too many were just trying to rush in or cut get in the front at the last minute. I validate mine, because we were #Hours before opening. Thinking about it, it was probably the most #Chaotic concert I had ever been too, and that is #FuckingSomethingInMy #ConcertLife.

I was worried that we would not get in, because they were letting people in #Waves and I knew we would get in, but didn't, because so many people #JumpedLine. Since, this show I have never done it unless, it was just myself and I went to park the car and my friend(s) were in line.



We had heard them rehearsing as we were waiting. They then played a song that we had never heard, we were suspecting from their new album, #WhereYouWantToBe, because we heard #FredMascherino #BackUpLeadGuitaristVocalist sing! Everyone #STFU and listened, and then started gabbing right after. It was a sight to see and hear. They then started to play another song, I had not heard, and I was like okay I am going to get pizza because, I don't want to hear this yet and I am hungry. Like I am now haha.

Their letting us IN! We make our way down the stairs. #SuperSlow #SlowestInMyEntireConcertLifeThere. It seriously was one of the most packed, I had seen it. One, other time it was that big. #NFG #SoCo #Finch #FurtherSeemsForever. #ThatsADifferentStory

There is just a #Sea of people all packed together, and all the girls were #Wet, I mean everyone was wet from the rain, remember? #GetYourMindOuttaTheGutter. Now what happens when you put that many humans packed into a place at one time? #Talking #SlightlyMoving #Sweaty #BodyTempPumpinNinetyEightPointFiveDegress #NowIAmThinkingOfThatWinterfreshCommercial.

Ultimately you get steam, and Im glad Im not #Claustrophobic because, it got to the point that some people just fucking left. #TheyMadeAHugeMistake #ArrestedDevlopmentStyle.

This was a #SurrealMoment. As you're waiting and people are seriously up under your fucking face. Breathing on your neck, all up on you. #LuckilyMineWasAGirl #ThatHelpedTheClaustrophobia.

Something very rarely happened, but inevitable. The #CrowdTipped. Meaning, I myself was #Literally under #TenOrMore people, when this happened. It was a little fucking scary. #OhAndSixPeopleBeneathMe. Okay, so it was one of the scariest times in my life, but also the most #Adrenaline-istic ones as well. When you encounter #Death #WhiteLight #FlashesOfYourExistence, yeah it is something else, #iHighlyRecommentIt #BMSStyle. So, it became a #MemoryBurnEvenMore.

Luckily, people responded quickly. As they #ShouldAndWould. I was helped up, and helped up the people under me, and so on. #GirlsWereHuggingNCrying #iGotAKissed it was pretty #Hawt in more than one way. What can I say girls love #Chocolate. Don't blame me, its #FuckingScience. lol

#TakingBackSunday comes on, and it … I don't even have a words to describe it. It just #FuckingExplodes! I'm getting the chills as I think about it. Ahh #iLoveThat.

I could not even see them. There was #THAT much steam. So we tried to move closer. The set was fantastic but I was supposed to be talking about the #TimberwolvesAtNewJersey song. I can not narrow down usually my #AllTimeFavoriteSong by an artist, its usually at least by album. However, this song is my favorite by them.

I am sure this story helps add to this as well. That beat, gets you fucking going. I mean #GetUpGetUpComeOnComeOnLetsGo #TheresJustAFewThingsIThinkYouShouldKnow...



Everyone I knew was lost in the #HotSteamyMessOfTBSLove.

I am on #StageLeftSide, about mid-way up.


I knew #IGotTheMicAndYouGotTheMoshpit was coming up. So, I did #theSignal. Which, is making #EyeContact, you don't say shit. I then pointed up in the sky. They grabbed me and #TaFuckingDah, I am singing that part right as #Adam came closer, then into the crowd! The only way I could describe this is by another music video and that video is #Hoobastank, yep you heard me right. Im the white kid in the green beanie, but brown and a lot more awesome.

Its eerie how identical the set up was, honestly though,

that is what I was actually trying to recreate, and it fucking worked!

I think the #MGs had a helping hand on that :)



#UnderOath | #ArmorForSleep


#DeneverColorado #FillmoreAuditorium


- #PØdcastØnly -


#Blink 182




#UMBBankPavillion #SaintLouisMissouri


 **#PØdcast Ønly STORY

of Me Starting a "THE Mosh Pit" 

by Pushing an Old Asshole** 



Most of the time I wish I have had a #DigitalRealtimeFacebookFeed #MyWholeLife somehow. You get all these fucking responsibilities in Life, becomes bogged down, you forget things.

Yes, I had journals, but I didn't like to write everyday, so I developed using a tape recorder, then a portable one.

My Logic, #TwoSimpleThings. #One I would be able to capture #MYEmotionBetter on a tape recorder. #Two It was fuck ton easier than writing. And yes I would have used the word fuck in my life at that time. Its the most #VersatileWordInEnglish. (**Story about where I talk about the #FuckWord). ***(separate thought) I remember watching the #TBS #CuteWithoutTheE on my #MakeAWishFoundation #ToshibaLaptop. I was much like I am now, on a futon with a small portable desk, watching the growth of the internet and youtube gain more and more traction.







Hearing the new version. In my room also.


A beautiful girl can make you dizzy,

Like you've been drinking jack and coke all morning.

She can make you feel high,

Full of the single greatest commodity known to man:

Promise. promise of a better day,

promise of a greater hope,

promise of a new tomorrow.

This particular aura,

can be found in the gait of a beautiful girl.

In her smile, and in her soul.

In the way she makes every rotten little thing about life

seem like it's gonna be ok.



I had purchased my tickets #iBelieve at #SeventhHeaven. I was more excited to see #Blink182, I will have to admit, because I had never seen them in concert, but also because #TakingBackSunday was also going to be there and then they had a surprise for the rest of us as well #FOB. I will get to that a little later.



BLINK182 EnemaOfTheStateAlbum

I have numerous times where this particular album has influenced my life, #Big of #Small. One fond memory though was actually from another friend #LightningBug I had asked him to go to this particular show first, as he was one of my best friends and this story made me want to take him.

Its pretty short, but basically he and everyone I knew had the #EnemaOfTheStateAlbum, the other ones up to this time for some reason my friends fell out the #Blink phase. #NotMe. Anyways, my friend caught his dad listening to the album in his room. His dad being in the #Clergy had me stunned because he had listened to the whole album and didn't say anything to #Michael. Since, he and I have not been to shows a lot. Not even comparable to the my other two friends. #Josh & #Brenton.

#YadaYada he was not able to go because of work that night, and probably because his parents didn't want him to drive to #SaintLouis with me lol.

I usually bought two tickets when I bought tickets to concerts and still do to this day, unless I know I will be going alone, in that case you make #FuckingFriends #NotHardToDoIfYouAreSeeingTheSameBandThatSomeoneElseLovesToo. At least, that is what my #POV on it.

I remember asking one friend at church that I had not been to a show before with, because he like #Blink182 a lot, even before the show was announced we had talked about them. I thought to myself, #WhatTheHell it would be fun. He then told me he was not able to go. I then asked my friend Brenton again if he could go again. I even offered to pay for the #RoundTrip of #Gasoline if he drove and #Ticket. I did not have my own car at that time. I was driving my parents #SilverTwoThousandFordWindstar which was out of the question to drive that far.

After begging and pleading #Brenton was able to come. #FuckHeBetterWithADealLikeThat! Plus, I really wanted to see #Blink182 #TakingBackSunday #CypressHill and the #SurpriseBand!

It was about a #FourHour drive from where we were to the concert. Not a big deal when you have the new album #WhereYouWantToBe and #Blink182UnTitled albums #Blasting in your ears and singing and talking the whole way there. #OhTheMemories #GettingTheNostalgiaFeelz.

We had arrived at the concert and I once again had a #HandicapSign because I had recently received a #HipReplacement. Sort crazy how many of these epic concerts happened around my hip replacements! #Blink182TBSFallOutBoyCypressHill #BeastieBoysMixMasterMic #ParamoreFallOutBoyNewPolitics #JackWhiteCurtisG

We parked #RIGHTTHEFUCKUPFRONT #VIPStyle #iLikeToSay. People give you shit if you don't have crutches or a wheel chair with one even though receiving a handicap sign does not mean a #PhysicalAliment .


**#PØdcast Ønly STORY**






#InTheVenue #SaltLakeCityUtah


























Just went on a fucking crazy #FlashbackOfMusic , while researching this going back about a month. #Acceptance #TheUsed #GroupLove #AllTimeLow #BrandNew #CircaSurvive #TheKillers #ISeeStars #Eve6 #FallingInReverse #Mae #Copeland #TheRocketSummer #ImagineDragons #Bayside #TheWombats #UnderOath #AWOLNation #Anberlin #JacksMannequin #NeonTrees #TaylorSwift and the list goes on and on #iLoveMusic.


December 6th, 2014

8:27 PM

Orem Basement Apartment

Living Room


As you may have noticed, the months jump a whole shit ton! Yes, this is correct, lots of things happened and I just, seriously did not have the time. And I just realized. I haven't done the previous concert. #Podcast? FUCK! Writing is hard. Especially since I want to make this the best I can with the knowledge and self taught life that I try and emulate. Quick break down. I was working at #TheRitzCarltonBachelorGulch as a #HeadPrepChef #Saute and it was an amazing experience. I learned a lot when I was there. Things to do and not to do. During that time I had my 4th Hip replacement and I was recovering partially in Utah and then rehab in Colorado. I was receiving treatment at an awesome facility in Vail. #HowardHeadVailColorado. Yeah tons of athletes from all over the world have been there. I learned a lot again and I try to in any new situation that may present itself.

Since then, I have been blessed in many ways and am grateful for the generosity of many people that have directly or indirectly affected me. When #VirginLiquideAir© takes off, I have many ideas of #PayingItForward to people I love and people I have never met.

I am back in Utah for personal reasons and for my dad whom I love and all I can say is we need to find a cure to #Alzheimers. For me personally it comes down to trying to differentiate the horrible disease of the brain. #SheddingLilTears. That makes someone you love and has taught you so much through the amazing example he has been, into an entirely different person, that in turn you know its not them but they are speaking, and its some of the worst things you have heard, and then you breakdown for a couple hours. I mean.... you, know something to that extent happened. Its rough. I love him and my family so much, even if I can't express it the way I want to. #SorryThatGotALilTooReal.

As I had mentioned above in a #FBPost. I was excited because this took me back to highschool days, and as old and nostalgic that has been, I have one thing to say to you. Fuck you, music was amazing back then. Yes, I do love the occasional #EDM and all sorts of pop, which I turn hardcore in my head because lets be honest that bass line they have and the set ups, it just makes sense to do a #PopHardcore cover. Anyways, I am getting off point but whatev.

For me #IMO. TakingBackSunday, Exclusive #AlternativePress Edition

This concert was an interesting one, well, for me at least. I was going through #PeritonealDialysis then. Which, translated into my head. Ok, how can I rock out without

1. Passing Out

2. Lying to my Mom about what was really transpiring and how this is an epic night that she could not understand, also realizing I was #TwentySevenish and I am doing it.

3. Drink lots of water with a side of #RedBull.

4. Tell my mom I would not go into the pit, even though I really wanted to just #CrowdSurf but realistically I could not because of the #PDCatheter. A chart below is what it does, the bags/fluid basically, act as a #Kidney with #BasicallySugarWater #FuckingScienceRocks

As usual JJ and I rocked out to #TBS and a little #Bayside. We knew we were going to be a little bit late to the show. We caught up on each others lives and reminisced about awesome times with #TBS and just #Singing, but not too much because you gotta save that shit for the concert! Especially a #TAYF10thAnniversaryTour!



Sorta crazy. I just learned on #Wikipedia that from October 25 through November 2, former #Underoath vocalist #SpencerChamberlain began sang for Adam Lazzara's, because he was having a #PremeBebe! And my friend Adri, her sister is #REALTIMERIGHTNOW in Labor! #NuckinFutsCoincidence!


Back to the Concert:

We caught the last end of #Bayside and we met up with a friend there as well. One thing, I remember about that concert was they played fucking #Error:Operator! I don't entirely know what these lyrics mean. I am guessing something to do with #BreakUp #RegretsButNot #YouCannotChangeThePast, hell I dunno, but it is very catchy and I love the #Outros

and for some reason I like when Adam says #WhereHaveYouBeen? Even though in my head its saying #WhereYouWantToBe. It is familiar in the fact that I personally link it to #ReelBigFish #WhereHaveYouBeen song too.

Maybe the person Adam is calling to in that song is #JohnNolan or a girl, shit, I don't know ask him. All I am really saying is it is catchy as hell and you should rock out to it, right here, right now! As everything in this book. I will see if for some magical way I could make a soundtrack with this, that would be so fucking crazy and blessed that the labels would do that for me, or if the artists have say. #IdkCompaniesNeedToLearnAdaptEvolve #FuckYeahForSpotifyCustomPlaylists

It comes to the point where the #TAYF aka #TellAllYourFriendsFrontToBackArrived. #SoSickSoSickOfBeingTiredAndOhSoTiredOfBeingSick #NostalgiaFeelingInvisible

We would always pick out a place to meet in case we became separated and yah, that #MosDef happened. Now, this concert was fucking insane! I don't care what you say or think but #SLCUT can throw down with the best of crowds when it comes down to it. #RockTheFuckingHouse. Hence, the #MeetingPoint. Sometimes it would be, “Hey, we will meet at the car.” One because I can sense an energy and sometimes it needs to be exploded by something or someone. :) .

As you could probably tell I was #FuckingPumpedForThisShow.

However, in Utah, it just started in each area, and it was amazing. Lone and behold we became split up!I can imagine it right now.

The #TwentyFiveSecondIntrolude #AndThenYouSaidALittleMoreAboutYourDreamsLikeThatWasMyCall #GAConcertPitLife. It was #Glorious. However, the best part nobody really saw coming #WhatsItFeelLikeToBeAGhost? #PrettySureIHaveAVideo #IfItsDidntDeleteInMyShittyHardDrive #AnybodyKnowHowToResurrectAHardDrive?

#Adam does this craziness all the time though, it seems like, most of the shows he always come out into the crowd. However, this time was different. Since I was #StageLeft and #MiraculouslySemiUpfront. I did not see that Adam went up top to the bar area, and then started hanging from random things and then came down without getting hurt. It was phenomenal.

I love #TBS and this was exactly executed like it should have been. He came right up through the crowd, and they flocked, myself included. It was seriously so #Surreal. As if I was back in high school at an intimate show, #Fanboying over him, as you kids say it now.

Its just interesting to see these bands that I have loved which seems like forever, but it should be that way in my head. I want to and will continue to rock out as hard as I can when I hear something I love.

Its a beautiful thing going back in time to places that you have experienced, but have not revisited in your head for quite some time. Your personal knowledge of that matter has evolved into something that you never fucking thought it would be.

#IheardThatThisIsWhereWhereThePartyIsAreYouComingHome?... I am listening to one of my favorite songs and that lyric, fit so damn perfect right then and there. #MGMs at it again. #iLoveIt.

Words can not even do justice to what the fuck unfolded that night. It was everything that I wanted, but also needed. I just wish my body would have let me rock out even harder. #ThisIsAllGeniuneAndNotPrepared