Thursday November 28th, 2013

Thanksgiving Night

7:43 PM // Avon, CO F104

The Wombats: Jump Into The Fog

How many times I have repeated: IIIIIIIII- Lucky #9

- (why because I get into a groove with the same thought process,

then switch to random or repeating of song)




Well I was supposed to start this on my #Birthday, its what I wanted to do. A fresh new start at a #PhenomenalCompany #RitzCarltonBachelorGulch. In a place unknown on November 26th 2013. I am two days late, and I have no #ValidExcuse, except this is my first book and that is known to be the hardest, oh and my slight rationalization, on this book and how I wanted it to be #Perfect, but #Perfection does not come in something #Tangible. Its #Acquired #Learned #Tested and even then you always doubt yourself because, well we are human. I wanted to be in the right state of mind, environment, and somewhat memorable date for this preface, to be me just typing not really knowing what I am going to say, but just let it flow.

This is my #FirstThanksgivingAlone and well it has been interesting, but somewhat like any other day without being around family and friends, mainly family, however I do consider some of my friends, family.

Well, I am listening as you see above #TheWombats #JumpIntoTheFog. This song is a very appropriate #IMO #SelectedAtRandom, for what I am about to accomplish and show, you as the reader. Yeah, I know you aren't supposed to directly call out to the reader. I remember learning that in school, and yah I never gave a shit, because well, life isn't about following the rules, yes sometimes we have different views on those #Situation. On what #We as individuals deem as #RightOrWrong. Well thats #FreeAgency #Freedoms, we have in this #World, however #Respecting one another to an #UpmostDegree is where we fail as a society.

Well, one thing that you don't know about me is that I have conducted; #Date #Time #Location #Songs #Band at the beginning of most of all the chapters and or songs that I have personally wrote. I do have somewhat of an A.D.D. Or #Tangents I will trail off to here an there. Like I am in an #AlterUniverse like #DonnieDarko, maybe just not as elaborate, who knows. Most of my free writing and notes are very random, but enlightening. So, try and keep the fuck up.

Anyways, this song to me within the title alone, makes you ponder, (as well as the bad ass beat), about well, what is the #Fog? Is it #Life , #Relationships of is it a certain significant other, is it finding out #WhoYouAre, or is it (2:50 in the song damn, such a great breakdown/outro.) just getting through the day and on to the next? Well I am here to tell you its anything you want it to be. For me it is about my #Adventure in Life. This part speaks to me alot,


 ::: #IveMadeSomeBadDecisionsI'llAdmitThatFreely

#JumpIn (3X)
#JumpIntoTheFog! (4X) :::


It makes you think... Yeah, you can sometimes #JumpAlone or want or be tricked into #Jump[ing] in with someone else. We always feel comfort when it is with someone else, and why shouldn't we? Yet, at the same time #WeNEEDToDoLotsOfThingAlone. I feel it makes you a better person, plus you gain respect for yourself, and for me you only conform to what you feel. However, it does come with #Caution. You don't want to become a #Hermit or #Loner, thats when it can and will go down hill. People still need a #SocialBalance.

So why am I writing this, #Preface? Why am showing the world what I want, and am able to accomplish with this #BookSlashBusinessPlanSlash #ChangingTheWorldThroughMusicAndCharity aka #NewAgePhilanthropy. Why?

Well first off this book is for #YOU. Yes, for YOU and for people that want to know, and still believe in something better each day. Which is #Life #Caring about the person on your #LeftAndRight, because we are all in this #FightOfLifeAndSuccess as a whole. We are #Evolving so fast #Technologically, which makes us so much more #Capable of many great #Innovations #Ideas and #Experiences then what we have ever thought was possible. So lets just fucking do it.

#EasierSaidThanDoneDuhDevin. Now, does this come easy? Oh fuck no, and fuck yes. Fuck yes, if you have #Advantages #Blessings that some do not have in life.

But for most, regardless it does not come as easy, and why I say easy because, Life is not easy unless ... well I can't even say that because, I have NOT walked in those persons shoes, However, some peoples #Environments can be a #DamagingSuccess. It all comes down to #IMO #Attitude. How you want to conduct yourself, you know represent yourself as a human being, and ultimately accomplish that #FarFetchedDream.

Sorry if my ADD is kicking in, one because it is the preface and in real time. I #ConstantlyExplore. I think #Fast and I blame that on our society in the #UnitedStatesOfAmerica. Everything is so much #NowNowWTFRIGHTNOW! #LoveAndHateRelationship. Right now, it is leaning more towards #Hate, because Life should not be as stressful as some of us make it out to be. However, at the same time it has to be #Stressful #Hard so we can #LearnAndGrow. Maybe just not as #FuckingAcceleratedAsItIs.

That's where your #Attitude will come into play. I dislike people that are so depressed or upset at life they #GiveUp, start to follow, rather than make their own path. The only person I am trying to #Impress is myself and maybe something higher if you believe in that. It all comes down to doing it for #YOU, but I would be lying if I did not say that for #SomeoneElse as #Fuel does help a lot. Even the best of us #Ache #Suffocate in #Depression and need an #Outlet.

So there is a little tangent, sorry, lets get back to the question. How this book is for YOU??! I believe I am here to let you know that achieving anything you want does not come without #Sacrifice and #Humbling of ones self. I have learned a lot on #MyJourney that you are about to embark on.

This journey started with a #Question that became an #Idea then a #Concept now a #Reality that WILL happen, and ultimately #ChangeTheWorld. It has #TakenOver my whole life. That awesome thing called #Timing has been setting up a business idea that will BLOW away the #EntertainmentIndustryCookieCutterCulture. It WILL change the way we as a whole will #SenseEverything in some way or another. It will #Radiate #SurrealExperiences, over and over again that you never knew was possible.

Yes, I am not being as humble as I should right now. I am #NOW #JumpingIntoTheFog but with a huge luminescent LED flash light gun. Which means, I can see and know exactly what I want to accomplish and see the path, but I need guidance, a mentor. What better person, with a #HumbleEmpire, who stands as an exemplar, none other than #SirRichardBranson, now passed down to his daughter #HollyBranson of the #VirginEmpire.

I feel I can relate to both of these #BeautifulPeople in more ways than one, but more with Holly because of our #Age #LoveForMusic #Arts #Determination and the list goes on and on. Yet, I still am speechless by what her father has accomplished and still am to this day. I hope to put Virgin back on the Map with a #HugeSemiUntappedDemographic, as well as #Inspiring faith in humanity by this proposal of Liquide Air.

Now, I'm not going to jump right into what Liquide Air is. I want YOU to get to know me on a decent level. Where I am from, what I have experienced and why all of these experiences have led up to a business plan that Will Ultimately Change the World through Music and Charity.

I Present to YOU #Pitchography … A Tale of #LiquideAir

PS: Holly Branson … This is Right Up #VirginDisruptors alley. #MusicSegment