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It is very hard to explain how an #Artist can #Move you in numerous ways. For me, these #Artists have taken me on #THEemotionalMusicalJourney of the extremes of #Happy & #Sad. They have #IlluminatedMyInnerBrain that I never knew existed. It is a #RevolutionaryExperience that encompassed “that” #CreativeExistence in ALL forms.

I actually found this band through the marketing help of #FueledByRamen's newsletter. However, one of the most vivid memories I have about #TwentyOnePilots, was when I introduced them to my friends named Mindy & #MessyJesse.

Yes, I know the picture to the right is about #Macklemore&RyanLewis however, that was the same night that I showed them this super underrated band. This band called #TwentyOnePilots





I showed them the music video. #HoldingOnToYou.

It didn't even have more than maybe #ThirtyThreeThousand or so when I showed it to them.

I remember just being blown away not only by the #Music #Passion #Flow, but also by the #Videography #Concept #Vision. I loved everything about this music video. I remember telling them, this band would #BlowUp, and they have. However, not enough #IMO. Just like these artists that deserve to be in this chapter and book, I could add a few more and I might, who knows what will happen.







One of the things that sucks is the above post. I am so fucking upset that I have not seen them yet! I seriously have always been out of town when they have come through Utah. Once, I was in #LasVegas and the second time, I had moved to #Colorado early, which was bullshit, because I did not need to be out there that early for my new #Chef position, at the #RitzCarltonBachelorGulch




When, I saw them preform on #AXSTV for the #APMAS, it was just as I had imagined it, and once I see them in concert, I already know it will be even so much more than I will have ever #EnvisionIt.


#FebruaryTwentySeventhTwentyFifteen #SixPM

My life is full of #RandomNotSoRandomEvents. I believe in #Energies and how if you #Humble yourself and #DoGood whole heartedly, the #UniverseMakesUncannyBeautifulShitHappen #YouDoHaveToPutInTheWorkNEffort though, which I have learned and have always believed in.

For instance, I had been talking about #TwentyOnePilots a lot, as I do when I am writing, so that I can or my readers could go back and decipher what has taken place during the writing of this book.

Anyways, today, I found out about the #ChipotleCultivate festival in #WestWorldArizona. It is say #Whhhhhhaaaaaat, what? #FuckingFree! #HowSomeFestivalsShouldBe. #VirginFestival for instance does this as well. I will one day be a #HUGE collaborator of festivals and make the festival experience #Ambiance change and #Evolve.

Well, I talked to friends and I have had one say yes. Some maybe's. My Answer: I'm going! I didn't care if I was alone. I would do it. This band is slowly creeping my number one favorite Underrated band. Plus it is only #TenHours away, and its Free! I already have contacted friends in Arizona to see if I could crash at their pad! Yes, I don't wait around for shit to happen. I made that mistake in the past and I cannot continue to wait, I only have one life, and its already going to be shortened, #iLiveForMusic.




So, Im going to Arizona for this.

It's happening.

it's on a Saturday, and I have #ZEROExcuses not to go.








#TwentyOnePilots #Bleachers #MsMr #MagicMan








So, I have said this a ton in a lot of these chapters about how these stories are #Insane #Crazy #Beautiful and have changed my #Life. I can say that this one #MosDef aka most definitely changed my life. #TearsAreSlightlySwellingUp.

Well I had wanted to go to this #ChipotleFestival ever since my sister #Analee, had been talking on #GoodOleFacebook about #TwentyOnePilots. I have been wanting to see them for quite some time now.

I was not sure who I would go with besides my sister at the time. I knew a couple of #FellowBadAssCoWorkers who we had talked about how #TwentyOnePilots was such an #UnderratedBand and well … now they aren't as much, but still are. However, #TearInMyHeart, which is #Beautiful #Phenomenal #SawItLiveFirstEverAtChipotleFestival.

Well, I convinced three friends to go with me! One who just barely became a couple as in fucking dating, you know. Then one great friend who was supposed to come and then she could not because of a photoshoot and then that got cancelled and then #WannaBeMoneyProblems and then she had a #BadFeeling, and I should have taken more consideration into this feeling, but I didn't because I wanted to see a lot of these bands, oh and did I mention it was #FUCKINGFREE!!! #iLoveChipotle!

We were traveling from #Orem/ProvoUtah to #ScottsdaleWestWorldArizona. Its about an #ElevenHourDrive, and I was excited because I had not done a #ConcertRoadtrip for quite sometime! It was one of the most memorable experiences of my life. Not just because its #FuckingFresh in my head, but because it was seriously one of the most craziest fucking road trips I have ever had in my entire life, which is quite a bit as I have traveled a lot for #ConcertsSlashEvents across the #UnitedStates, at least on the #WestCoast

So, we #Travel #Eat #Fuel #PlayCarGames #TwentyQuestionShit #LifeTalks basically everything was going great! We had been driving and arrived in #PageArizona, where #Brandi is from. We had met her awesome family, had ate dinner with them, some pictures and then boom we were off to our hotel in #Phoenix. It was a nice decent #SleepInn that #Brandi had picked out and it was nice and chill.




#WereGoingToFastFastSaveUsNNNNOOOOOOWWWW |-/ #PlayingThroughMyFuckingHead


As we sat there and waited for the tow truck driver, which felt like an #Eternity. I had called them and was wondering about an #ETA. We were all just scared, shaken up from the wreck and trying to figure

out what the fuck to do! We were literally stranded out in a desert that was surround by a forest that was on sacred land. It was fucking intense. I am surprised that we handled it as well as we all did.

I could feel the #Tension and the #Hopelessness of all of us. I knew that things would work out, maybe not how we ultimately thought it would be, but we were alive, well, and we had some #AwesomeBlessedHelp. The guy from the towing company was nice enough to take us to not one, not two, but three hotels! We were in a pretty remote city and horrible #FuckingTiming with some event going on. Everything was booked.

I have no idea what the fuck was going on in #Flagstaff that night, but we were definitely being watched over. Even, as I think of it now, it was #PrettyEmotional. Not that I personally cried, but I felt the #Vibes #Energy whatever you would call it, and it was hard. As I am writing this, it is hard. #LifeIsPreciousAndInvaluable.

Jay and I, went for a walk to go find something to fucking eat. We had been waiting over #ThreeHours total, til we arrived at the cheapest hotel there, and luckily it was semi-warm, or it would have been a little worse, with how bad the weather can become in a #ResortCity. Not that we had experienced anything crazy, you know ... #Sarcasm

We arrive at the #AmericanaInn #FlagstaffAZ. Brandi, was having a hard time, as any human would. Her lil bebe #SuzieQ was broken and destroyed and things weren't going according to plan. I am starving and I have had nothing but fucking junk food and I needed #RealishFood, even if it was fast food, I did not give a fuck!

We smoked a nice J that I had rolled #TorpedoStyle, to calm us down and think #Logically, yes #Logically on what to fucking do. #Marijuana is like any other substance, if you are able to control it and use it to its advantage, it will work for you. Shit, I am semi-lit right now, so stop giving it a bad wrap. Yes, its not for everyone, but just be informed.

We check and see if there is any fast food places, or a market store that is #TwentyFourSeven, but to no avail, everything was closed. Except a #Chevron gas station! Hell Yeah! We found something. Jay and I go in search for food. We are walking and I swear, I heard girl voices. Call it what you fucking want, but, as we were walking. #GooseBumpsAreEmergingAsImWriting.

We were walking, it wasn't scary as far as being jumped #RepresentinKCMO, but because of the previous thing that happened. It was still fresh in my mind, and fucking still scaring me to this writing.

I heard two voices, and I kept it to myself. I just shook my head and blamed it on the accident. I then was walking and heard it again. I then turned to Jay and was like dude, #WhooFuck #NoiseSwelling. Dude, did you hear those voices, he was like no. I was like okay, fuck.

He then asked me, Did you hear that swing and those kids, and I was like … Wait, what?! What the fuck did you say?! Don't fuck with me man! We then just walked a little faster. Our adrenaline must have worn off a little bit, it started to get cold, but we didn't care we needed food.

We continued to walk and I kept hearing those voices, but they were turning into something that I could not make out. I then heard the voice again, and I turned to Jay and I was like .. “ Please tell me you fucking heard that?!!” He was like, “yeah dude, I totally did.” We then saw the #Chevron and ran to it, and then immediately stopped. #iSwearIHeardDemonsYelling #ShakingHeartsWithTheDarkPartOfMyThoughts.



I was sooo, pissed that it was closed. I thought I was in fucking Utah for a second. When I grew up in #KansasCityMO. Lots of things were open #TwentyFourSeven. I saw a bar, and was like I bet they have food! I then realized that it was #LastCall #2AM, and that meant the kitchen was very likely closed.

We then walk very quickly back to the hotel that was a little bit away. We arrive and Brandi is asleep, this was common occurrence among her lol. Jay and I try to figure out what to do, and what to plan on and when to get things going so we can arrive at our hotel that we paid for, but didn't stay, as well as a rental car.

I was the last one to fall asleep, I looked at my bed #Sketch. I am slightly scared about bed bugs, but at the same time, I could honestly not give a fuck! I was just blessed and grateful that I was spared again from what could be a horrific accident.

#IllStayAwakeBecauseTheDarkIsNotTakingPrisonersTonight :: |-/ ::

I had quite a few epiphanies on this trip. It was very #Surreal #Enlightening #Exciting and everything that I thought it would and would #NOT be, but be at the same time. Prior to the weeks ahead of the show we had received #FortuneCookies and yah you probably just say that it was a coincidence and that something else was not at play. I say #FuckThatShit #iBelieve lol :) |-/


But really, I believe it to a degree of acceptance, however that acceptance, has to be within your realm of an #UnnaturalReality. I had quite a few things vivid #DejaVu on that trip. Obviously not about the accident, even though I was semi warned by Adri, she said she had a #BadFeeling. But she might have not just wanted to go, idk I did not care. I brushed it off, even though, I felt #THAT energy that she had felt, when she told me in her room. I will do whatever it takes to see a band if I can and am able to, though.



<< On Our Way To >>



#TwentyOnePilots #Bleachers #MsMr #MagicMan






Luckily, I had some #Ambien to get to sleep, I had to take it, I was not able to sleep after the whole accident. It kept replaying in my head like a #BadFuckingDream. I even told Jay that night, “Damn, I feel bad for Brandi, I would be #FuckinFreakin after that. But, you know we can't really do anything til Monday. Which sucks balls, but we can make the best of the reason we came down here.”

We woke up to the auto shop calling us and letting us know they received our car that we dropped off after hours. It seriously was so #FuckingIntense for awhile. So I wanted to get out my #CloudPen and calm my nerves and anxiety of what was about to unfold.

Well … after I fucking looked everywhere in my bag, I could not find it! I was like damn, what a great way to start off the trip. It would have been about #OneFifty of product and gear I would have lost. I thought it might have fallen out in the tow truck. I then called then, and fucking lone and behold they had it! They even dropped it off at our hotel. Luckily we were in close proximity to their shop.

I then called #Enterprise and had to reserve a car, I looked for #PromoCodes and shit online and nothing really worked. I was on the phone with them for quite awhile, because we had to discuss on wether we were going to #FlyBackHome #Drive. We concluded that we needed to do a #OneWay back home to #Orem after a couple nights in #Phoenix at our hotel that we had paid for but didn't stay at that previous night.

I was glad that I brought my backup credit card to use in emergencies! Which this was totally one! I had to drop around #FiveHundred for the car, the drop off fee is what killed us at #OneFiftySeven! #FuckThoseFees. I told them I needed them to pick me up and the lady was like well we will have to see if we can. I was like isn't that your fucking motto? “We'll Pick You Up”? She then explained within a certain distance. Blessed again, we were less than a mile from almost everything!

I go alone to the rental place and we were sitting there and the representative said, “Damn you are lucky, this was like the last car.” I didn't believe him until the guy behind me was like, Are you serious? Yes, we are out of cars!” #UniverseLovedUsAgain!

I drive back to the hotel, Jay is outside pacing and smoking a cig. We both were still in somewhat of a shock. It was just a very intense night. I took a drag of his #Cig and then took some pictures because, the weather was so nice. Cool #Trees #Nature #Documentation for this book.

We then waited for everything to unfold. Brandi was on the phone with her mom and insurance.

I then took a quick shower, while hoping that my #CloudPen, was found and not stolen. The tow company then called back and said he would be there within an hour! #HellYeah

It was a #ChipotleCultivateMiracle! That was the saying for the whole rest of the trip. Jay and I knew

things would work out and become better. Its always in the shittiest time frame though. But thats, how you #LiveLearnProgress #IMO. Even if it is for a short time, it felt like an eternity. Even right now, a fucking a week later, my body is #StressedToFuck and #Drained.

#05042015 #Tangent #RT #RealTime

Quick update, so since then #TOP has released #Two new phenomenal songs :::

#StressedOut & #LaneBoy ::: |-/ :::

The thing that is funny is that I am like a crazy girl that is obsessed with every single thing about this band, well quite a few bands, more so #TwentyOnePilots. In the research that I have been doing, their story is just

f |-/ cking amazing. #ICantEven, and I don't even know all of it.

The last video that they released really makes me think, and that's what they wanted to accomplish and portray as a band.

This album in general has me buzzing with different scenarios of what, and who is #Blurryface? Is it the #AlterEgo of the concept of #BlowinUp #RecordDeals #Expectation and everything the fuck in between that comes along with, in a way conquering the world through your #Gift #Destined.The shitty part of it all, and with everything is that it is never on #YourTimetable. Meaning, its never how you pictured it, it might have things you never #Imagined #Felt #Experienced in general, but also with the crushing just #Expectation that we put on ourselves, but this time … #EverybodysWatchingMeUhOh #TheNeighbourhood.

Is the general idea I get from it, and #Blurryface is someone they needed to create in a way to cope with how life has now changed forever. #ItOnlyTookNineThousandSevenHundredAndSixtyFiveLikes for them to get the music entertainment industries attention!



November 19, 2001

first local fan base to sell out to that capacity.

"We Never Got A Big Break You

Created Our Break Thank you"

|-/ #WhatsGoingOnInøhiø


We are on our way down there but we have to make a quick stop to get something to eat, because as you recall, we could not find any fucking food that night! I was sooo #Hangry. Well lone and behold a fucking #JackInTheBox is right down the street from us! #ChipotleCultivateMiracle. That fast food joint is one of my favorites, if not my favorite.


It also was such a great day to have the festival! I woke up and wondered, how #BlessedWEAllWereToBeAlive. It seriously was one of the #Scariest nights of my life. Up there with, #Chemo #Transplant #HipReplacements #SLELupus #Suicide

We, finally arrived at the hotel that we were supposed to be in, in the first place! (Pictured Below).

It was so much nicer and not having that #RapeyFeelingIfYouGetMe at the other one.

We hurried and got everything set up and ready to go for the #ChipotleCultivateFestival, that was almost easier said that done. We were all so fucking tired from the night before. I could not sleep for quite awhile and I had to drive everywhere now, since I was the only one old enough to rent a car, and be on the #Insurance.

I took a lot of pictures to document for this books sole purpose, as I do with a lot of things, now. #iTakeTooManyScreenShots #MostAllHaveSomeDevReasoningBehindIt. Finally, we #FuckingMadeIt #WeDid #NowYouGetToWalkForever

Well, because of the prior events of #OFE and the drive we sadly missed #MagicMan! I was a little sad, because I was love how #Catchy their sound is. Plus his sister is #Gorgeous, now if she had some sort of #BritishAccent that would make her #Hawt haha. Its weird how a #CelebrityCrush develops just based off of looks and personality within something so #Minute' as a #MusicVideo.


Anyways, we went and grabbed some beer.

Wow, it was just like an

#AdultKidsSodaShop that gets you fucked up!


 My favorite that I tried was

#PagoBrewing #OrangeBlossomAle! #DDDDAAAAMMMMMNNN

 it was soo good.

It sold out Too FAST !!!

I luckily had #TwoTwelveOuncers.


We then walked around, and they had a cool concept of informing the FREE concert goers of #CultivateExhibits : #TheCinema #FactoryVsFarm #FreshVsProcessed #GMO #GuacFromScratch. Once you completed 4 of the 5 you would get a reward and a free burrito. We however did not do that. I said, our time is NOT worth waiting 2 hours doing this shit if it was even worth more than maybe #TwentyDollars, but we came to see these bands! So #WeDrink #EatChipotle #MoreBeer #MoreFood … I was sad that they did not have any #Merchandise that we could see, for any of the #Artists that were preforming! #EhShitHappens #MaybeWeWereJustBlind


We then watched #MsMr #TheBleachers and of course your truly #TwentyOnePilots. The whole reason for the #F|-/ckingTrip :) We did go check out one of the celebrity #Chefs. However, we were smoking the #CloudPen and then things got #Suspicious, so we #GTFO.





::: |-/ :::



#IsThisRealLife? I could not believe that this was really happening. We had finally made it through all of the shit that had happened. #TotallyWorthIt. We were walking there and it was #Awesome! A lot of people came for #21P it was pretty fucking sweet! I was excited for them, but then that #Elite feeling sets in of being a long time fan and you were to apart of this beautiful #SkeletonClique.


Don't get me wrong! I always wish that artists make it big, but there is that #Nostalgia part too, of wanting it to be #Secretive #VIP #Underground whatever the fuck you want to call it. That is something that I have always wanted to be just for me. As, you grow you understand that life becomes super #StressedOUT! So we need to help #EverybodyOut.


I had just read the new #AlternativePress323.2June2015 with that #FallOutBoyCover. #MembersOnly #GreatMarketing #FavoriteMag




#YouThinkTwiceAboutYourLife … Even though my life has been dealt pretty shitty, I had to make the best of it, and I know I am blessed to do the things that I want to do, but I do have a very #OptimisticOutlookOnLife #ItCouldBeWorse. I have had to, as I have mentioned before, but I had to #EntertainMyFaith and understand what my #ItAintTheSpeakersThatPumpHeartsItsTheHeartsThatMakeTheBeat #WeWereGiftedWithThought.


#RealLifeRandomMoment //


Thank God it's Friday 'cause Fridays will always,

Be better than Sundays 'cause Sundays are my suicide days,

I don't know why they always seem so dismal,

Thunderstorms, clouds, snow, and a slight drizzle,

Whether it's the weather or the letters by my bed,

Sometimes death seems better than the migraine in my head

::: TwentyønePiløts |-/

It random how these events happen at least in my mind. I was waiting for the #iPhotos to load not long but I really need a fucking #SSDDrive … but fuck man I take so many damn screen shots and also just #LearningDifferentIdeasNPassions and saving it.





SETLIST ::: |-/ :::








  8. THE RUN & GØ



  11. TREES

We were standing near the back and trying to figure out what areas were open. We started out in #CenterStageRight but then we made our way to #StageLeft and stayed there. It was one of the better spots. I then learned it was not that great for seeing #Tyler sing and play his #Piano, but once he got up around and moving it was #ON! #AndIllBeHoldingOnToYou ...

As you can see from the set list above, #GunForHands was the first song! This was one of the first songs that I heard from |-/ . Everything is coming together. #Atmosphere #Unity #Anticipation #Love. I could not contain myself! I was #FanboyingLikeAMotherfucker … and I still do. #CantWaitForBlurryface.




One of the things that I do remember was listening to this song when that horrific #NewtonCTElementaryschoolShooting happened.

From those lyrics alone, I could tell and feel that things were just going to become worse and worse with shootings of innocent civilians, let alone #FuckingKids ugh. Anyways, for me these lyrics at that #TimeAndMoment, we never put #TheSafetyOn and we are #TriggerHappy and just take those shots at any time we can, because whats a human life?! Well, its everything, and it makes me stay up at night, wanting to change the world, in any way that I can.

It might seem weird or whatever, but I always say a little prayer every time a #TragedyHasHappenedInMyEyes for that particular situation, believe what you want #iBelieveInGoodVibes

One of the interesting things that I saw on the stage was this little microphone that was suspended in the air. I then had real life #DejaVu with #TylerSinging during #FairlyLocal. It was fucking crazy how


Like. Almost, #Erie because of the events that happened up to then. I knew that I was in the right place, that I was blessed to be seeing them preform both #FairlyLocal and #TearInMyHeart live for the first time! It was their #LivePremier.

It was worth the wait, and well not worth not seeing them before, because that would have been #FuckingIntimate, but like, as if it was meant to be, which for me it was. #AllThatDejaVu #Damn #TimingIsEverything, Plus being able to hear their newest songs made me feel #Elite again ;)

One of the other inspirational things that happened was when they were playing #CarRadio, and #Tyler gave a little speech. Its awesome because, people do get very depressed, and want to give up. It is hard, no one knows those demons but yourself, and even then you don't.


Everybody Still with me

Everybody give me one hand up

were all together

I promise your going to get through

were all together

I promise you you're get through

Were going to move together
::: ::: ::: ::: ::: ::: ::: 



-TYLER JØSEPH :: |-/ ::


hhhhhhhoooolllllyyyyyyyyy fucking shit!

#Blurryface just leaked! Well #EightHoursAgo!

I am in love with this album and F|-/cking have been since I heard that they were releasing it and then even more when #FairlyLocal was debuted! Those lyrics and that music video #Mindblown. The anticipation of the album was worth it. Thats one thing that is #GoodAndBad about #DigitalDownloading #PurchasedOniTunes. I remember rushing off of work to go buy an album, or going on my lunch break. Whatever I needed to do to get those particular artists #BeatingThroughMyHead.

I believe my favorite “newer” song(s) that I have heard and possibly the overall song that I enjoy the most is #NotToday #HeavyDirtySoul. Mainly, because, in my head he is being the #HappySide of #Blurryface who he believes he is and he has ultimately #Transformed into something that spawned this #Genius. For me it would be the pressure of going from a few people to #SoldOutCrowdsFestivals and now #You are just #BlowingTheF|-/ckUP! #IMO. Like, no one has really has classes on how to be famous, and if they did each case would be different.

So, the #Chorus in #NotToday is so so very catchy and I love it because not only is it catchy, it is #Inspirational and #Determined to change the outlook on that individuals demon.

As if they had a #JumpStart that person to get them back up and running to a #BrighterDay.

That our voice is and can be heard so #NotToday #MakeANoise #TearDownThoseBarriers


Heard you say, "not today"

Tore the curtains down, windows open, now make a sound

Heard your voice, there's no choice

Tore the curtains down, windows open,

now make a noise



For me, this is an #AmericanDream. We have to put on a #FuckingFakeFace and #Preform for everyone. Even, though I have stopped a tiny bit, I still do it because, well ... its how #Success happens. Yes, the #AmericanDream has slightly died, however, it has not. It has, because, a majority of America is how do I put this … #FuckedFinanciallyAndEmotionallyDrained. Yes, right now, we are finally on the up and up but, damn it is very hard to cope with life and not wanting to just run the hell away because, #LifeWasNotMeantToSurviveItWasMeantToLive … that has been my motto for awhile now.

However, it can be achieved with new things like #Kickstarter #GoFundMe #IndieGoGo and many more other #CrowdFundingSites, you gotta give #SocialMedia props. I have mentioned this before, but its just such an awesome use of #Technology and #Charity which, I will too, #Disrupt :).

Back to this song, its just interesting how music can work. #TwentyOnePilots hit it right on the fucking head as far as #InspiringAYoungAndYoungAtHeartGeneration … #Life is not easy, I really don't think it was meant to be in some cases, for me it helps me grow as a person. For |-/ it's as if I was growing with them. You can't do that with a lot of #Medians, with #Music you can connect on numerous levels, and they can change over time, so many different variables its hard to put into words, just like these #MusicChapters.

Basically, what I am saying, is get off your fucking ass and do something with your life. Find that #Passion and run, just #FuckingRUUUNNNN! You will have to make #Sacrifices #HeartAches #UpsDowns #Life #Love #Failure and just living #Life. We can no longer be #Idle, it is destroying our progression as a society and a human race, make it known, even if it is scary.

In all #Actuality and #Reality this album has made me #VeryHappy and has made me think quite a bit #WithEachPlay. It came at a perfect time when things had gone #VerySouth with one of my #BestFriends #Don'tForgetAboutMeNo. The thing that made it hard is that I introduced her to #21P, and I was so excited to talk to her about this album #CrazyCarJamSessions #Videos #GettingThoseFastFuckinTongueTwistinRapsDown all #Vanished …

Instead of talking to her about it, it has been other #Friends and #Family that have joined in the mix instead. Its interesting how #Music can do #phenomenal things in your life. Its a change that can come very suddenly from #Feelings #Dreams #Love #Lost #Pain #Sorrow, so much. I feel like #21P have truly expressed a huge variety of instrumental and lyrical progression as a #Artist, #Blurryface has brought that out of them. It has not only changed them, but opened up a new journey that is no longer a fantasy. Its a #RapidFuckYouInTheFaceSerendipitousAdventure that I'm sure they have imagined, but its one thing to imagine it and one to live it out. I can't wait to grow with them #SkeletonClique |-/ .

Wow. Wow. What a powerful album!







::: |-/ :::




Alright, so this particular concert was something of a pretty interesting one, and how everything #FuckingWentDown. Here we go, so yeah, that previous girl always made me remember #21P as I have mentioned before. It sucked, because one of those ticket I had was for her. Well, #ShitLifeFuckingHappens. So, I did something I have never done before #ConcertWise. That meaning, well I had #TwoExtraTickets and I sold the #FuckOutOfThem. I needed money, I was #Unemployed and I was offering on the #Lower end for the tickets. I sold them for #OneFiftyAPiece!

I know crazy like #AlmostOneHundredEach. Profit. Well I was without a job and I need the money. I had to make #EndsMeet. Life is hard, and Yes, I do have an #AboveAverageMaterialisticAppreciation so #SuckMeSideways, whatever. #IDGAF. Anyways, life is #Fast haha and fucking #SlowtownJustCameOn! #MusicalGods again. I love the background #ScreamingInItAtFourMinOneIshSec. Well shit, that was a weird tangent. Thanks for being #FadedDevinWriting.

So, I sold them. I did that and it helped me out. Sometimes, I feel like its a #Blessing #Karma #WhateverYouSeeFit. I felt like telling that because, that it is something I have #NeverDone. I guess I got #TwistedUpInsideMyMind #AConfessionIfYouWill.

That's also, how this concert started for me #ItsAlwaysMoreRealWhenYouHoldTheTickets #ImTangibleForFuckingSure #iLoveMusic.

I do have to confess, I wanted to write this here, as like a new #Cleanse, my #NewChapter of my #OldNewSelf. I am just excited that I am writing this in my new apartment #Quadplex. Alone and #Ambiverted #HolyShitKitchenSinkJustStarted #NobodyThinksWhatiThink #LiquideAirLiquideSessiønsIsToYouIsNotLiquideAirLiquideSessionsToMe #WriteSomethingThatMightBeWorthless.

And yes, I do feel like I fight off #Demons in a sense. #WeirdShitHappensNowAroundMe. #MGMs #DamnThisSongIsSoFuckingUnderrrated #ItsBeautifulReally








#Saltair #Utah


Life is interesting when something you love such as this band #TwentyOnePilots becomes something more than just music. They are slowly and very #FuckingSurelyChanging a #CulturalNewAgeGeneration. Its very #SurrealToWatch and understand the crowd, do a little #SociologyOfThisParticularScene that I myself grandfathered in. #ItsNothingLikeiHaveEverSeenAndFelt #AndForUsToThinkIsToBeAlive #ItsTheFewTheProudAndTheEmotional

The time came, and Jay and myself met up with my friend JJ. Then My sister, Analee met us there. She came straight from #ComicConSLC2015 #DressedAsAGomba.

All but JJ went to the bar and got some drinks #AMFs2BExact. We drank those sorta quick, because we were a little late getting there, #Echosmith was just about on their last song. I then got a #MyFavoriteDrink after that.

We all then go out to the balcony and look at a #SoldOutCrowd #OutdoorConcertsAreFun #iSawF.U.N.OutThereAsWell



#PrayForParis #PrayForPeace





So, oddly enough, #AlternativePress has started to inform their #Fanbase about #SemiCurrentNews. They had a couple articles that were off topic of their company, especially on their #FacebookFeed, but that is neither here or there … something very VERY #HorribleAndTragicJustHappened.

I had just got back from hanging out with some friends and woke up from a nap and checked my #FBFeed like usual and basically I saw that #UnthinkableShitWentDownAllOverTheWorld on #FridayTheThirteenthTwentyFifteen #HoursAndStillOnGoingFuckingSurrealNightmareDestruction. Its hard to put into words what was going through my head.

I only knew what I had read on #FacebookFeed #Twitter, which can include numerous news sources. I obviously did not experience it like those horribly unfortunately people did all over the world,

However, I do have empathy for them in a way where a fucking human should. I do not brush off #Tragedies. Yes, it is easier to not think about it, or just take #TwentyMinutes to understand a few things. NO, #RealLifeShit that should not happen in the #RealWorld took place. Its becoming more and more like #Hollywood #ItIsTrulyScary #ApocalypticOneCouldSay

I did read up a decent amount on the other catastrophes of it, but haven't too, if that makes sense. It is #Hard. #OurHomeTownsInTheDark. I want to see it but don't because, its getting too real. I keep saying real, because, it is. #DontBeIgnorantToIt.

The #Paris side affected me more, due to the fact a big portion of it happened at a #MusicConcert. When I read the account of them hitting both of the places I would have been if I had been attending that concert. #BarThenMoshPit. #MyStomachStartedTurningMoreAndMoreThatiRead, pictures, tweets, videos, news feeds, I then had #TearsTurnToTorrential #ItRippedMySoulApart.

I can't even fathom what went down. No one possibly can from all the angles and #POVs. I just wish things were different and I just do not know, I do not know, if we will ever have peace. #ItTrulyIsScary.

However, we do have our #Solidarity as a #World that was a #BeautifulThingToSeeUnfold. There is always #GoodNEvil we need a lot more good things to happen I feel like. #PeaceWillWinAndFearWillLose #JustPlayedThroughMyHeadphones #MGMs did it again :/

There is one thing that is troubling and something that should not be happening. I attend quite a few #Concerts #Shows #Performances. One of the main reasons, I would attend besides the amazing musicians and them having my #WholeHeart4ANight #HonestlyForever.

It was to get away, unleash a piece of me that nobody has seen except if you have attended a show with me or not. It becomes a #Haven #Home and a #Warmth of #Unity #Love #BeingYou, that does not happen all the time. To have that feeling now #Terrorized and #Destroyed mentally on numerous #Accounts #Levels #Emotions I can not personally fathom at all. It affects everyone involved in that venue and venues worldwide now. #AmiTheOnlyOneiKnow #WagingMyWarsBehindMyFaceAndAboveMyThroat #ShadowsWillScreamThatiAmAlone #ButIKnowWe'veMadeItThisFar #Kid.

We have made it this far, it is sad that #TwentyOnePilots had to cancel their #EuropeanTour on the account of #SafetyAndSecurity. It happened in the middle of the end of this chapter. I have not even got to the part about the actual show. I always feel #Blessed every time I am able to go attend an #Event. It is in my blood. I hope we can all #ComeTogether just like #theBeatles.

Which, Is crazy because, #DavideMartello played a beautiful rendition of #Imagine by #JohnLennon and #theBeatles. It is and is not crazy how #InfluentialMusicIsAtAnytime #OurGatewayToAnotherDimension. #PeaceAndLoveToAllOfTheWorld #WillItEverHappen …....




SETLIST ::|-/::






  6. HØUSE OF GØLD (intrø)




  10. LANE BØY












21. RIDE

22. THE RUN & GØ






We work our way through the crowd a lil #TipsyTiveryTwentyPilots #WhooYeah-ingCrowd #ObnoxiousForTwentyOneSeconds. We dubbed JJ to find a spot since he was the sober one. He found a spot and then another, ohh and then we find it. We throw on our masks, ready to #BlurryfaceOut, I myself am about ready to light up my #Cloud and right after I do that. Literally three seconds after I blew it out. One of the security dudes comes over and tells JJ to, “Take off the mask”.

It was shocking because, well, I did not see that officer! I thought he was coming over and telling me I could not do that here! So, then I hear #JJ says, “Well its part of the act, and then I was like oh .. yeah, it totally is. I'm fucking #BlurryfaceBitch! He just laughed and said, “Its creepy and you can't wear it.” So we acted like adults, moved, and put on our masks somewhere else. :)

It was awesome, they started out with #HeavyDirtySoul! One thing I must confess, while I am doing this, I am putting my body in somewhat the exact same state it was in. I am listening to #HeavyDirtySoul and I have had a few #AMFs. Its going pretty well to say the least lol. #TylerSpits #ThisIsNotRapThisNotHipHopJustAnotherAttemptToMakeTheVoicesStop.

I'm loosing it aka #FanboyingTheFOut. In this song they convey a #TwentyOnePilotsPrequel in a sense. They somewhat explain what it meant to become something they almost never dreamed of, but at what cost? Who knows, just them, really. Even though us, as listeners want to almost #TakeON their pain to becoming apart of their #Journey, and thats they beauty of this whole concert and everything that is #TwentyOnePilots and #Blurryface.

The whole set was awesome. It was like a dream come true, as you can see below. But man, it sucked but understandable from a #MarketingSlashTeaserPerspective the little #Chorus' that they did, it got me hyped each time, but then I thought to myself. Its actually pretty damn clever, because you still got to experience that song, even it was for a short time. But then they made up for it, because #Doubt came on #DontForgetAbbabbbabbaababababoutMe #DontTrustAPerfectPersonAndDontTrustASetListThatIsFlawless

#Polarize was great too, fuck man, everything was so great about that night, its hard to put into words. It seriously is. They make me feel #Immortal in a way that I have not felt in quite awhile. I was anticipating that #BridgeBreak in the song. #DomingoEnFuegoiThinkiLostMyHalo. Oh man and then that huge bass drop at the end, it was #Tingly. I love that at shows, when you can feel that #Bass #TwoMinutesAndThirtySecondsToThirtyTwoSeconds #iDontKnowWhereYourAre!YouLLHAVETOCOMEANDFINDMEFINDME!!!

#PSS: I originally did a #|-/ symbol in it and it didn't work, so I switched it, but I did do another symbol like it somewhere in the piece, and its connecting #ThreeThingsInOne

I sorta cheated myself and saw that they did #Goner towards the end of their sets, but man it was #Beautiful, the whole #DropFilm and the impact of #21P #People #Unity #Love everything was great. Then they played #MotherfuckingTrees! The reason it is one of my favorites is because this drawing that I, yes #MyselfPainted at one of those #PainteNightsInSLC. It was a lot of fun, I thought of #Trees the back drop and #Forest, too, with a mix of #ThirtySecondsToMarsWithTheLitTriangleAndAlsoTheIlluminati I guess, like a passage to another dimension or some shit haha. Yes, I would probably change some things about the piece but, you know #DontTrustAPerfectArtPiece.

#TemperatureISDroppingTemperatureISDropping. It was, it was almost October, on the #SaltFlats and the #LakeEffect is there. However, it was not like that at all. I had so much #Adrenaline #Alchy #Books in me, mother fucker I was #Faded, but a good one. #YoudKnowIfYouKnew

I remember, the whole time just #PuttingOnMyOwnShow, having a blast and letting the #MusicFlowThroughMe. My wish, it came true, they played #HoldingOnToYouAndIF|-/ckingLostIt! It just takes me back to the moment, #iPersonally found them. They blew me away, its always so #Surreal when you see them preform one of your #AllTimeFavoriteSongsEver! That #Outro is soooo F|-/cking beautiful. Tyler's take on each line, is everything I love in music, both were made for each other.


::: |-/ :::





That article was very well wrote. I have always had a #Respect of #TOP. It made it even more apparent that I believe in this. You can really tell that both Josh and Tyler love their fans and have a mutal a respect for us as well. They have had their trials and their experiences in a different light that they, themselves can not even explain.

I love how Dun talks about how he when he researches these people of #Fascination and because of doing so he feels like he can related to them on different level that is not even real, but its built up to be so in his head. I do that shit all of the time! Like this whole fucking book! I am a very good #Conversationalist and am able to talk about a broad range of discussion #Music #Technology #Culinary #Business are my fortes, hence #LiquideAir slash #LiquideSessiøns :::

One of the very interesting things that they said in this article was this ...


“Both Wall Street hedge fund managers and high-level government intelligence operatives will agree on one evident truth: A small amount of #Knowledge can be a dangerous thing.” it then pushed into a #SegwayInMyHead when I read that they felt like they did not do enough, even though by #IndustryStandards they have and they F|-/Cking did. See the thing is, that I want to know that knowledge, I want to know what it is and how it works, that way, once I have grasp of it, as an outsider I will ask #Questions #Ponder and then #BreakThoseRules. This industry needs to #EvolveLikeAMotherFucker in this #DigitalAge. #WhyItsGotToBeLikeThisIsThisLivingFree

I want to #Disrupt that and make it something that will be #Emulated, sad this is, because the competitions #Heart will not be there as #Humans. It will be about money and thats where their downfall is, unless I can #Show #Teach them how they can make money by being, #Genuine #Caring. #ItsFunToFantasize #SoImTakingMyTimeOnMyRide |-/






It means Twenty One Pilots, the logo does. Why it means Twenty One Pilots, is it really goes along with one of our songs called "Kitchen Sink." The whole concept of that song is that I feel that humans are always struggling all the time when it comes to purpose, trying to figure out their purpose is, what purpose even is, what's the point, justifying your own existence. A lot of kids and people my age struggle with "what's the point," and with the logo, what it really means is it's an encouragement. When someone asks me what the logo means to me, the logo means something to me because I made it mean something to me. That's the point.



The point is that I created something that only I understand and whether or not I decide to disclose the meaning of it, that’s the beginning of purpose for me. The meaning of purpose for me, is by creating something, if it be by writing lyrics, painting a picture, by expressing yourself through art if it's photography or music or theater, or whatever it is.

It doesn't have to be artistic, but if you create something and only you know the meaning of it, that’s the beginning of purpose for you. When you're in the room by yourself trying to decide whether to stay alive, you can tell yourself "I should probably stay alive because I'm the only one who knows the meaning of that thing," so the logo is an encouragement for people to create. That's what it means."

- Tyler Jøseph ::|-/::

::: |-/ :::




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